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Become an affiliate with Us and earn 50% commission off any sales made on our Instant Dropship Ecommerce DFY Solution.

There are two products that sell for $27 and $197 and you make 50% off each.

Affiliates are our partners and we want them to make money too! That is why we offer a high commission percentage. All affiliates will receive 50% net commission for every generated sale.

8 Reasons to Promote Instant Dropship Ecommerce DFY Solution

- Brand New UNIQUE eCom solution gives you access to 50+ hot selling products in 60 seconds

- Link to the RIGHT supplier for each of the products so you don’t get your fingers burnt.

- 50+ facebook ads (creatives plus targeting)

- 50+ Done for you video ads…

- 50+ Done for you Ecom email swipes

- A customized Dropship Ecommerce Store

- Sales Funnel, 50% Commissions, earn up to $375 PER SALE!

- Proven results, ecom makes money

The Product -

What is Instant Dropship Ecommerce DFY Solution?

Instant Dropship Ecommerce DFY Solution is a unique solution that gives you access to 50+ profitable products that are selling like wildfire right now.

It gives you not just access to winning products but also access to winning facebook ads, creatives including images and videos, all ready to be exploited for HUGE paydays!

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How will it Help Your Subscribers Get Amazing Results?

When it comes to ecommerce, success is basically down to the products they are selling.

If they sell a product that’s not hot, they’ll never convert and make any sales!

They need WINNING products to succeed, they need tested and winning facebook ads. But to find these type of products, it’s really hard and requires hours and hours of research and testing before finding perfect winners.

Instant Dropship Ecommerce DFY Solution changes everything! They’ll access 50+ top selling products they can launch in minutes and start BANKING!

Jv Contest

1st Prize - $1,500
2nd Prize - $600
3rd Prize - $250
4th Prize - $200
5th Prize - $100

… and a speed contest!

First to 80 FE sales $500
First to 50 FE sales $450
First to 25 FE sales $250
First to 15 FE sales $100

Email Swipes

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How can I Become a JV/Affiliate

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Our affiliate program is operated by e-junkie. If you do not have an e-junkie account, you can sign up for free at On your e-junkie Affiliate Admin page, you will be able to keep track of the commission sales you've made each month. We will pay out commissions via PayPal once every week (Daily payments for affiliates with more than 20 sales).

Once you join our affiliate program, you will be given a Hop Link. Enter this Hop Link anywhere on your website for customers to click through and make a purchase. You can even include the Hop Link in emails you send your subscribers as well as on social media! The Hop Link sets a cookie to your visitor's history that expires in 6 months from the time they clicked through. This means even if your visitor makes a purchase by visiting our website within that 6 month time frame, you will still earn commission!

To learn more about an affiliate program through the e-junkie website, please visit:

Make sure you have entered your PayPal email address in Affiliate Admin > Edit Profile!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email: